Privacy Policy

In order to better serve your needs, now and in the future, we may ask that you provide certain information to us. We understand that you may be concerned about what we will do with such information, including any personal or financial information. We have adopted this privacy policy to govern the use and handling of your personal information. This policy governs the use of personal information that you provide to us. It does not govern the manner in which we may use information that we have obtained, or that may be available, from any other source, including public records or another person or entity.

We request the information for legitimate business purposes and not for the benefit of any nonaffiliated party. For purposes of this policy, “affiliated party” includes any corporate parent or subsidiary, and any entity that is controlled by the same group of individuals who control Hondros Learning. Disclosure will be made to non-affiliated parties only: (1) as necessary for us to provide the product or service that you have requested; (2) as required by law; or, (3) that marketing services consultants and providers who have been retained by us to assist in marketing and who acknowledge that such information shall not be publicly disclosed. Such information may be used for internal purposes such as quality control or customer analysis. We may also provide nonpublic personal information to affiliated parties. Any credit card information will be encrypted to further inhibit unauthorized disclosure. Social Security numbers will be maintained only in the student record.

We may store such information indefinitely, including after you are no longer a student at Hondros Learning. We are not, however, under any obligation to retain such information except as required by law. This Privacy Policy applies even after you are no longer a student at Hondros Learning.